How to Contact the Event Organizer is an online, self-service tool for event organizers. Event organizers handle registration and ticketing of their events through the website. If you have event-specific questions or want to request a refund, contact the event organizer directly, as cannot answer those questions. You can contact the organizers by replying to your order confirmation email, referencing your order details, or sending them a message from the event listing where you originally registered.

1. Option: Reply to the order confirmation email
When you register for the event or buy a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email. Reply to the confirmation email with your inquiry. That email goes to the event organizer and not
(the To: field automatically fills with the organizer’s email).

2. Option: Check the main event page
Many organizers choose to list their contact information on their main website or on the main Event Dog registration page.

3. Wait 1 week.
Organizers should respond to your request within 1 week.

4. Optional: Reach out to us with more information if the organizer hasn’t responded.

If you haven’t heard back from your organizer, you can contact us. While we likely won’t be able to answer event-specific questions like “Where do I park?” and “What can I bring to the event?”, “Can I get a refund?” we’ll do our best to connect you with your event organizer.

In your request, please let us know the following:

  • When you reached out to the organizer (if you haven’t done so, you’ll want to contact the event organizer instead)
  • What you are trying to contact them about
  • The email address used to register (and your contact email if it differs from the one used to register)
  • Your event confirmation number