If you don’t find you answer below please contact support@eventdog.com

Participant FAQ

Why do I have a charge on my credit card from EventDog?

  • EventDog is an online registration processing company. Have you recently signed up for an event? If so please check your email for “EventDog Receipt”. If you can not find a receipt or have not registered for an event please contact us at support@eventdog.com .

Where do I login into EventDog at?

  • To login to your participant account go to EventDog.com and Click on Login in the top left corner. 

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password Click Participant Login, type in your email address you registered with and Click on Forgot Password. Give it a minute to send you a reset password to your email. 

How do I edit my registration?

When you log into your EventDog account you will see the event/events you are registered for you can Select Choose Action and Click on Edit Registration to make edits to your registration.

Can I have my confirmation resent?

When you log into your EventDog account you will see the event/events you are registered for you can Select Choose Action and Click on Resend Confirmation. 

Why didn’t I receive my confirmation email?

You may not have received your confirmation email due to a mistype when entering your email during registration. Please, contact the event organizer stating you have not received a confirmation email. They will be able to verify the reason this happened.

How can I get another receipt?

When you log into your EventDog account you will see the event/events you are registered for you can Select Choose Action and Click on Resend Receipt.

Why did the price of an item in my cart change?

If you left an event registration in your cart for an extended period of time there is a chance that the item had a price increase. Also, if you attempted to use a discount code that was limited to a certain number of uses there is a chance it was used to its maximum while your item was in the cart. If you feel neither of these explain your issue please contact the event organizer first as they set their own prices. 

How do I transfer my registration to another event or activity?

To transfer to a different event or activity you will need to contact the event organizer. Each event organizer has their own policies for event or activity transfers.

How to contact an Event organizer?

Click HERE for how to Contact the Event Organizer

Event Organizer FAQ

I want to use EventDog how do I get started?

Right now! Click HERE to create your account. Next, if you choose to use one of our templates you will fill in all your Event details. We want your Event to be successful and are here to help! Here is the link to our help site, or email us at support@eventdog.com.

Am I locked into a contract if I use EventDog?

No, EventDog does not lock you into a contract. We want to do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied to stay your Event’s best friend.

How much does it cost to setup my registration page?

ZERO! It is absolutely free to setup your registration page.

What are EventDog’s fees?

EventDog’s are as followed

  • Registrations: 5.5% + $1
  • Merchandise and In-Line Donations: 5%
  • This includes all of our features and support!

Does EventDog allow me to create custom registration questions?

Yes, you can create custom registration questions to have on your registration form.

How does my Event get paid from EventDog?

You can get paid via direct deposit or check. To get paid through direct deposit please email us at support@eventdog.com and we will get you the form. We want to get you paid!

Does EventDog market other events to my participants?

No, EventDog does not market any other events to your participants through other event ads after registration, emails or any other kind of marketing at anytime.

Does EventDog use any of my race or participant data?

NEVER will EventDog use any of your race data for any reason. Your data is your data. We are only here to be your Event’s best friend!

If I use EventDog for running events can I use any timing company I choose?

Yes, you have the ability to use any timing company. If you are not sure who to use or how to get a timer we can help. 

Does EventDog allow me to set multiple price periods for my Event?

Yes, you can set as many price periods as you want for your Event.

Can I sell merchandise on EventDog?

Yes, you can sell merchandise on EventDog

Does EventDog have templates?

Yes, our templates are built so that you get the most out of your event registration without having to spend the initial time to learn about each of EventDog’s features. There are Templates for events such as a 5K road race, more complete events like a marathon festival or multiple distance triathlon and ticketed events. Of course, you may choose to use the Blank Template if you want to do it all yourself.

What about refunds?

There are no refunds once the processing fee has been processed. It is your choice if you want to refund the processing fee to your participants or not.