2018 Kerrville Triathlon Festival
Two Days of Fun, So Many Events to Choose From!
September 29 - 30, 2018
Kerrville, TX
2018 Kerrville Triathlon Festival

Position NameDateStartEndNeededFilled 
Packet Pickup - Friday09/28/20182:45 PM7:00 PM1413
Bike Check-In09/28/20183:30 PM7:30 PM66
Run Bag Check-In09/28/20183:30 PM7:30 PM42
Packet Pickup shift #109/29/201812:30 PM3:30 PM1412
Bike Check-In09/29/20182:45 PM6:00 PM62
Bike Check-In09/29/201812:30 PM3:00 PM63
Run Bag Check-In09/29/201812:30 PM3:00 PM51
Run Bag Check-In09/29/20182:45 PM6:00 PM53
Packet Pickup - Race Day09/29/20185:15 AM8:00 AM42
Transition 109/29/20185:15 AM9:30 AM106
Transition 2 - Shift 109/29/20185:15 AM9:00 AM60
Gear Bags at T109/29/20185:30 AM9:30 AM101
Gear Bags at T209/29/20188:45 AM12:00 PM103
Bike Course Pointers09/29/20186:15 AM9:30 AM142
Body Marking / Swim Course09/29/20185:30 AM9:30 AM127
Run Course Pointers09/29/20187:15 AM10:30 AM81
Run Course Aid Station 109/29/20187:15 AM11:00 AM105
Kids Run09/29/201810:00 AM12:00 PM86
Solutions09/30/20185:15 AM8:00 AM20
Transition 109/30/20185:15 AM9:30 AM104
Transition 2 - Shift 109/30/20185:15 AM9:30 AM50
Gear Bags at T109/30/20185:30 AM9:30 AM101
Bike Course Pointers09/30/20186:00 AM1:00 PM200
Body Marking / Swim Course 09/30/20185:30 AM9:30 AM127
Bike Course Aid Station 109/30/20186:45 AM12:30 AM127
Bike Course Aid Station 209/30/20186:45 AM12:30 AM122
T1 Breakdown Crew09/30/20188:30 AM11:30 AM101
Run Course Pointers - Shift 109/30/20189:15 AM12:30 PM80
Run Course Aid Station 309/30/20188:30 AM4:30 PM104
Transition 2 - Shift 209/30/20189:15 AM1:15 PM81
Finish Line - Shift 109/30/20189:15 AM12:30 PM103
Finish Line Festival - Athlete Food - Shift 109/30/20189:15 AM12:30 PM100
Run Course Pointers - Shift 209/30/201812:00 PM4:00 PM80
Transition 2 - Shift 3 - Bike Check Out09/30/20181:00 PM5:00 PM86
Finish Line - Shift 209/30/201812:15 PM4:30 PM105
Finish Line Festival - Athlete Food - Shift 209/30/201812:15 PM4:30 PM103
Green Team Crew09/30/201812:00 PM4:00 PM80
Breakdown Crew T209/30/20183:00 PM6:00 PM101
Finish Line Festival Grill Team09/29/20187:30 AM11:00 PM42
Finish Line Festival Grill Team09/30/20188:30 AM1:00 PM60
Gear Bags at T209/30/20189:30 AM1:30 PM101
Bike Mount Line 09/29/20187:00 AM10:00 AM52
Bike Mount Line 09/30/20187:30 AM9:15 AM52
Bike Dismount Line 09/29/20187:30 AM9:45 AM62
Bike Dismount Line 09/30/20189:30 AM1:30 PM61
VIP Finish Line shift #109/30/20189:15 AM12:30 AM21
VIP Finish Line shift #209/30/201812:15 PM4:30 PM20

Volunteer Details

Starting in 2011, Kerrville Triathlon was founded with the idea of bringing out the beauty and welcoming nature of the Texas Hill Country. Since its start, thousands of participants have crossed the finish line to collect their medals. The event features 8 different distance events, including a free kids run. 

 Please contact volunteer@kerrvilletriathlon.com if you have additional questions or you would like to register a group.

Volunteer Perks include:

-A free volunteer event shirt

-Free meal and snacks while volunteering

-An invitation to the post-event volunteer party held in Kerrville at Mamacita's