The Austin Marathon
Presented by NXP
Sunday, February 19, 2017
Austin, TX
The Austin Marathon presented by NXP

Position NameDateStartEndNeededFilled 
Packet Pickup Prep02/17/201710:00 AM1:00 PM169
Packet Pickup - Computers02/17/20173:30 PM7:15 PM208
Packet Pickup - Floaters02/17/20173:30 PM7:15 PM203
Packet Pickup - Shirts & Bags02/17/20173:30 PM7:15 PM205
Information Booth02/17/201712:30 PM3:30 PM84
Information Booth02/17/20173:15 PM7:00 PM85
Packet Pickup - Floaters02/18/20179:30 AM1:30 PM203
Packet Pickup - Shirts & Bags02/18/20179:30 AM1:30 PM1220
Start/Finish Line Set-Up02/18/20171:00 PM5:00 PM202
Packet Pickup - Computers02/18/20171:15 PM5:15 PM208
Packet Pickup - Floaters02/18/20171:15 PM5:15 PM203
Packet Pickup - Shirts & Bags02/18/20171:15 PM5:15 PM206
Information Booth02/18/20171:15 PM5:15 PM85
Start Line02/19/20175:00 AM9:00 AM400
VIP02/19/20175:00 AM9:00 AM123
Volunteer Check-In02/19/20175:00 AM8:30 AM45
Gear Check02/19/20175:30 AM10:00 AM651
Information Booth - Start Line02/19/20175:30 AM8:00 AM83
5K Start Line & Final Approach02/19/20176:00 AM9:00 AM101
Course - Marshall02/19/20176:00 AM12:00 PM306
Course - 5K Marshall02/19/20176:30 AM9:00 AM60
Finish Line - Medal Distribution - Half Marathon02/19/20176:30 AM10:30 AM3018
Finish Line - Crowd Control02/19/20177:00 AM11:00 AM200
Finish Line - Food Distribution02/19/20177:00 AM10:00 AM3530
Finish Line - Heat Sheet Distribution02/19/20177:00 AM11:30 AM240
Finish Line - Water Distribution02/19/20177:00 AM11:00 AM2413
Winner Wranglers02/19/20177:00 AM11:00 AM100
Festival - Athlete Food02/19/20177:30 AM11:30 AM121
Festival - Beer Garden02/19/20177:30 AM11:30 AM120
Festival - Floater02/19/20177:30 AM11:30 AM160
Festival - Recovery Zone02/19/20177:30 AM11:30 AM200
Finish Line - Medal Distribution - Marathon02/19/20177:30 AM11:30 AM209
Information Booth - Finish Festival02/19/20178:00 AM11:00 AM80
Volunteer Check-In02/19/20178:00 AM11:00 AM41
VIP02/19/20179:00 AM1:00 AM121
Runner Gear Check02/19/20179:30 AM2:30 PM502
Finish Line - Food Distribution02/19/201710:00 AM1:00 PM206
Finish Line - Water Distribution02/19/201710:00 AM2:00 PM202
Finish Line - Heat Sheet Distribution02/19/201710:30 AM2:00 PM200
Awards02/19/201711:00 AM2:00 PM41
Festival - Athlete Food02/19/201711:00 AM3:00 PM120
Festival - Beer Garden02/19/201711:00 AM3:00 PM1210
Festival - Floater02/19/201711:00 AM3:00 PM160
Festival - Recovery Zone02/19/201711:00 AM3:00 PM200
Finish Line - Crowd Control02/19/201711:00 AM3:00 PM200
Information Booth - Finish Festival02/19/201711:00 AM2:00 PM80
Volunteer Check-In02/19/201711:00 AM2:00 PM40
Finish Line - Medal Distribution - Marathon02/19/201711:30 AM3:30 PM122
Parking Meter Sign Removal02/19/201712:00 PM4:00 PM40
Banner Pick-Up and Breakdown02/19/20171:00 PM5:00 PM100
Clif Shot Energy Zone02/19/20176:30 AM10:30 PM257
Clif Shot Energy Zone02/19/20177:30 AM1:00 PM253

Volunteer Details

The 2017 Austin Marathon presented by NXP is here once again! If you have not been a part of this event before, you definitely want to! It takes thousands of volunteers to make sure this event is fun and safe for everyone involved. From the Start Line to the Finish Line, there is something to do for everyone.

Austin Marathon volunteers (not including Aid Station volunteers) are provided with free breakfast, lunch, snacks, an official Austin Marathon Volunteer T-shirt, and other incentives for their hard work. Invite friends, family, and neighbors to join you while making unique memories that can only happen at the Austin Marathon presented by NXP.

Interested social, community, school, and corporate groups of 10+ can contact to reserve a volunteer slot for the entire group! 


Download the official Austin Marathon app in the App Store or on Google Play by searching for "#RUNAUSTIN"

The Austin Marathon® presented by NXP mobile app is powered by FitRankings. It includes a wide range of features that provide runners, volunteers and spectators with important and fun information relating to the 2017 event:

-Interactive Course Map for all three distances (Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k)
-Race Info with personalized scheduling
-Runner Tracking & Results
-Camera with Custom Photo Frames
-List of bands, charities and cheer stations and their locations on the course