3M Half Marathon
13.1 mile run
Sunday, January 22, 2017
9700 Stonelake Blvd
Austin, TX
3M Half Marathon

Position NameDateStartEndNeededFilled 
Expo Information Booth01/20/201712:30 PM4:30 PM44
Packet Pickup: Shirts/Goodie Bags 01/20/201712:30 PM4:30 PM128
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/20/201712:30 PM4:30 PM128
Expo Information Booth01/20/20174:30 PM7:30 PM45
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/20/20174:15 PM7:15 PM126
Packet Pickup: Shirts/Goodie Bags 01/20/20174:15 PM7:15 PM128
Packet Pickup: On-site Registration01/20/201712:30 PM4:30 PM64
Packet Pickup: On-site Registration01/20/20174:15 PM7:15 PM60
Expo Information Booth01/21/20179:30 AM1:30 PM44
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/21/20179:30 AM1:30 PM1217
Packet Pickup: On-site Registration01/21/20179:30 AM1:30 PM1212
Packet Pickup: Shirts/Goodie Bags01/21/20179:30 AM1:30 PM1226
Expo Information Booth01/21/20171:30 PM5:30 PM42
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/21/20171:15 PM5:15 PM127
Packet Pickup: On-site Registration01/21/20171:15 PM5:15 PM65
Packet Pickup: Shirts/Goodie Bags01/21/20171:15 PM5:15 PM1223
Finish Area Setup01/21/20179:00 AM12:00 PM1011
Aid Station - Start Line01/22/20176:15 AM8:30 AM66
Awards Tent01/22/20178:00 AM11:00 AM42
Bus Coordination 01/22/20178:30 AM12:30 PM1020
Finish Line - Food01/22/20177:00 AM11:30 AM1614
Course Pointers01/22/20176:30 AM11:30 AM2016
Finish Line - Chute Control01/22/20178:00 AM11:30 AM82
Finish Area Breakdown01/22/201710:45 AM1:00 PM205
Finish Line - Medals01/22/20177:45 AM11:30 AM1623
Finish Line - Water Distribution01/22/20177:30 AM11:30 AM1620
Runner Gear Check and Pickup01/22/20175:30 AM8:30 AM5036
Runner Gear Check and Pickup (shift 2)01/22/20178:30 AM11:30 AM6019
Start Area Setup & Breakdown01/22/20176:30 AM9:30 AM105
Start Information Booth01/22/20175:00 AM7:30 AM63
Expo Load-In01/20/20178:00 AM12:00 PM40
Finish Line Information Booth01/22/20178:00 AM12:00 PM65
High Energy Expo Booth Promoters!01/20/20171:00 PM7:00 PM41
High Energy Expo Booth Promoters!01/21/201710:00 AM5:00 PM43

Volunteer Details

Come volunteer for Downhill to Downtown!

The 3M Half Marathon boasts one of the fastest 13.1-mile courses in the country and will celebrate its 23rd year running on Jan. 22, 2017. Nearly 6,300 runners and 700+ volunteers took to the Austin streets in 2016. Runners will enjoy a point-to-point course with mostly downhill running that showcases some of Austin’s finest locations. 


Volunteers will receive a free T-shirt, snacks and other free thank-you gifts in addition to an invitation to the post-volunteer party.