2022 Zilker Relays3 + 1 = Fun!
Zilker Park
2100 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX

September 09
2022 Zilker Relays Volunteers

Want to be part of the Zilker Relays, but don't want to run? We need volunteers!

Shift location and the location address are the same for all roles.

Volunteer t-shirts are provided and all should wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Bring a water bottle to fill at the event site.  Water is provided at the event site.  All volunteers receive a Tacodeli meal and also get to enjoy the beer garden and post-race party if over the age of 21.

Shift Location:  When you arrive please check in with on-site staff members, Kate, Amber or Paul in the paved parking area east of the volleyball courts off of Lou Neff Road in Zilker Park.

Location Address:  2100 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX  

Position NameDateStartEndLocationNeededFilled
Pre-Race Setup09/09/20228:00 AM12:00 PMZilker Park81
Packet Pick-up09/09/20223:30 PM7:00 PMZilker Park80
Exchange Zone Montior09/09/20225:00 PM9:00 PMZilker Park80
Lead Volunteer09/09/20224:00 PM8:00 PMZilker Park20
Fill NUUN water bottles09/09/20224:00 PM7:00 PMZilker Park61
Clerk of Course09/09/20225:00 PM9:00 PMZilker Park20
Course Marshals09/09/20225:00 PM9:00 PMZilker Park40
Mopac Parking Lot Turn Around Point Cheering Section09/09/20226:00 PM9:00 PMZilker Park80
Keep Zilker Clean Patrol09/09/20227:00 PM10:00 PMZilker Park20
Water Station09/09/20225:30 PM9:30 PMZilker Park100
Tacodeli Food Buffet Area09/09/20225:00 PM9:00 PMZilker Park40
Beer Garden Wristband Station09/09/20225:30 PM10:00 PMZilker Park40
Beer Garden Beverage Service (MUST BE TABC CERTIFIED)09/09/20225:30 PM10:00 PMZilker Park60
Awards Ceremony09/09/20227:30 PM9:30 PMZilker Park40
Tear Down Team09/09/20228:00 PM11:00 PMZilker Park80

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