2022 Ascension Seton CapTex Tripresented by Lifetime
Auditorium Shores
900 W. Riverside Drive
Austin, TX

05/30/2022 - 07/22/2022
2022 CapTex Tri

We couldn’t produce the premier Texas triathlon without the help of our many, dedicated volunteers. If you’d like to be a part of this Memorial Day tradition, please consider joining our event crew. Help is needed before, during and after the race in a variety of positions. Experience the excitement of race day and support athletes by providing encouragement, a safe course and a fun event.


The least we can do for each volunteer is to give back a little something for you! All Tri CapTex Tri volunteers will receive:

  • A commemorative volunteer T-shirt celebrating this year’s event
    • *if you volunteer before race weekend contact us and we will coordinate a shirt pickup
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Complete community service hours
  • Meet a new friend 
  • Create new interests or hobbies
  • And, of course, the good feeling one gets when helping a worthy cause
Position NameDateStartEndLocationNeededFilled
Transition (Shift 1)05/30/20225:15 AM9:30 AMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Transition (Shift 2)05/30/20229:15 AM1:30 PMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Bike Course Pointers05/30/20226:30 AM10:30 AMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Bike Mount/Dismount05/30/20226:30 AM11:00 AMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Bike Check Out05/30/202210:00 AM1:30 PMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Swim Start & Swim Exit05/30/20226:00 AM10:30 AMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Run Course Pointers (Shift 1)05/30/20227:30 AM11:00 AMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Run Course Pointers (Shift 2)05/30/20229:30 AM1:00 PMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Breakdown05/30/20221:00 PM3:00 PMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Any Shift on Race Day (Shift 1)05/30/20226:30 AM10:30 AMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed
Any Shift on Race Day (Shift 2)05/30/202210:15 AM2:30 PMVic Mathias ShoresClosedClosed

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