Downtown Austin
Congress Ave
Austin, TX

April 25

Join the Austin Marathon volunteer team!  Your volunteer time benefits the Austin Marathon runners, walkers, guests and staff by providing help in a variety of areas, including start & finish line, packet pick-up, information and water distribution. And just as importantly, volunteers provide the energy and enthusiasm to help encourage our runners to the finish line!

Our volunteer shifts will take place at the Expo (Friday 04/23 and Saturday 04/24) and on Race Day (Sunday 04/25/2021).

Austin Marathon volunteers are provided with free breakfast, lunch, snacks (not including Aid Station volunteers), an official Austin Marathon Volunteer T-shirt, and other incentives for their hard work. Invite friends, family, and neighbors to join you while making unique memories that can only happen at the Austin Marathon!

By helping to make the Austin Marathon a successful community event, our full team of volunteers, staff and supporters also help create economic opportunities for the City of Austin and Central Texas by way of the number of runners and guests visiting Austin for the race.

Position NameDateStartEndLocationNeededFilled
Food Bag Prep04/17/20219:00 AM12:00 PMAustin American Statesman3512
Packet Pickup Prep04/23/202110:00 AM2:00 PMPalmer Events Center164
Packet Pickup - Computers04/23/202112:00 PM4:00 PMPalmer Events Center403
Packet Pickup - Floaters04/23/202112:00 PM4:00 PMPalmer Events Center120
Packet Pickup - Shirts & Bags04/23/202112:00 PM4:00 PMPalmer Events Center332
Packet Pickup - Computers04/23/20213:30 PM7:15 PMPalmer Events Center400
Packet Pickup - Floaters04/23/20213:30 PM7:15 PMPalmer Events Center120
Packet Pickup - Shirts & Bags04/23/20213:30 PM7:15 PMPalmer Events Center300
Information Booth - Expo04/23/202112:30 PM3:30 PMPalmer Events Center80
Information Booth - Expo04/23/20213:15 PM7:00 PMPalmer Events Center80
Packet Pickup - Computers 04/24/20219:30 AM1:30 PMPalmer Events Center401
Packet Pickup - Floaters04/24/20219:30 AM1:30 PMPalmer Events Center120
Packet Pickup - Shirts & Bags - Saturday04/24/20219:30 AM1:30 PMPalmer Events Center301
Information Booth - Expo04/24/20219:30 AM1:30 PMPalmer Events Center80
Packet Pickup - Computers04/24/20211:15 PM5:15 PMPalmer Events Center400
Packet Pickup - Floaters04/24/20211:15 PM5:15 PMPalmer Events Center120
Packet Pickup - Shirts & Bags04/24/20211:15 PM5:15 PMPalmer Events Center300
Information Booth - Expo04/24/20211:15 PM5:15 PMPalmer Events Center80
Start Line04/25/20215:00 AM9:00 AMStart Line Volunteer Tent401
VIP04/25/20215:00 AM9:00 AMStart Line Volunteer Tent133
Volunteer Hospitality04/25/20215:00 AM8:30 AMMain Volunteer Tent81
Gear Check04/25/20215:30 AM10:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent650
Information Booth - Start Line04/25/20215:00 AM8:00 AMStart Line Volunteer Tent40
5K Finish Line04/25/20216:00 AM9:30 AMStart Line Volunteer Tent240
Course - 5K Pointers04/25/20216:30 AM9:00 AMStart Line Volunteer Tent40
Finish Line - Medal Distribution - Half Marathon04/25/20217:00 AM11:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent305
Finish Line - Crowd Control04/25/20217:00 AM11:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent200
Finish Line - Food Distribution04/25/20217:00 AM11:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent352
Finish Line - Heat Sheet Distribution04/25/20217:00 AM11:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent200
Finish Line - Water Distribution04/25/20217:00 AM11:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent252
Festival - Floater04/25/20217:30 AM11:30 AMMain Volunteer Tent201
Information Booth - Finish Festival04/25/20215:00 AM8:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent80
Volunteer Hospitality04/25/20218:00 AM11:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent80
VIP04/25/20219:00 AM2:00 PMMain Volunteer Tent145
Gear Check04/25/20219:30 AM2:30 PMMain Volunteer Tent500
Awards04/25/202111:00 AM2:00 PMMain Volunteer Tent62
Festival - Floater04/25/202111:00 AM3:00 PMMain Volunteer Tent160
Information Booth - Finish Festival04/25/202111:00 AM2:00 PMMain Volunteer Tent40
Volunteer Hospitality04/25/202111:00 AM2:00 PMMain Volunteer Tent80
Demolition Crew04/25/20211:30 PM5:00 PMMain Volunteer Tent300
Energy Zone 104/25/20216:00 AM10:30 AMLake Austin Blvd between Miles 9 and 10300
Manzano Mile04/25/20219:00 AM1:00 PMPalmer Events Center120
Information Booth - Finish Festival04/25/20218:00 AM11:00 AMMain Volunteer Tent80
Food Bag Prep04/17/202112:00 PM3:00 PMAustin American Statesman359
Team Packet Pickup Box Prep04/19/20216:00 PM8:30 PMHigh Five Events Office60
Packet Pickup / Expo Set Up 04/22/20212:00 PM5:00 PMPalmer Events Center52
VIP Check-In (Friday)04/23/202112:00 PM4:00 PMPalmer Events Center21
VIP Check-In (Friday)04/22/20213:30 PM7:15 PMPalmer Events Center21
VIP Check-In04/24/20219:30 AM1:30 PMPalmer Events Center20
VIP Check-In04/24/20211:15 PM5:15 PMPalmer Events Center20
Expo / Packet Pickup Demolition Crew04/24/20214:30 PM8:00 PMPalmer Events Center100
Photo Booth 04/23/202112:00 PM4:00 PMPalmer Events Center21
Photo Booth (Friday)04/23/20213:30 PM7:15 PMPalmer Events Center20
Greeters04/24/20219:30 AM1:30 PMPalmer Events Center40
Greeters04/24/20211:15 PM5:15 PMPalmer Events Center40
Greeters 04/23/202112:00 PM4:00 PMPalmer Events Center40
Greeters (Friday)04/23/20213:30 PM7:15 PMPalmer Events Center40
Photo Booth04/24/20219:30 AM1:30 PMPalmer Events Center20
Manzano Mile - Packet Pickup 04/25/20219:00 AM1:00 PMPalmer Events Center120
Volunteer Hospitality04/25/20215:00 AM8:30 AMMain Volunteer Tent80

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