2020 3M HALF MARATHONDownhill to Downtown

9700 Stonelake Blvd
Austin, TX

January 19
2020 3M Half Marathon

Come join in on the fun from Downhill to Downtown!

Join the 3M Half Marathon volunteer team to help make the run a successful community event! Your volunteer time benefits the 3M Half Marathon runners, walkers, guests and staff by providing help in a variety of areas, including start & finish line, packet pick-up, information and water distribution. And just as importantly, volunteers provide the energy and enthusiasm to help encourage our runners to the finish line!

The 3M Half Marathon boasts one of the fastest 13.1-mile courses in the country and will celebrate its 25th year running on Jan. 20, 2019. Nearly 6,300 runners and 700+ volunteers took to the Austin streets in 2017. By helping to make the 3M Half Marathon a successful community event, our full team of volunteers, staff and supporters also help create economic opportunities for the City of Austin and Central Texas by way of the number of runners and guests visiting Austin for the race.

Position NameDateStartEndLocationNeededFilled
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/17/202012:00 PM4:00 PMAustin American Statesman2412
Expo Information Booth01/17/20203:30 PM7:15 PMAustin American Statesman41
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/17/20203:30 PM7:15 PMAustin American Statesman241
Packet Pickup: Shirts/Goodie Bags 01/17/20203:30 PM7:15 PMAustin American Statesman183
Packet Pickup Floater01/17/202012:00 PM4:00 PMAustin American Statesman80
Packet Pickup Floater01/17/20203:30 PM7:15 PMAustin American Statesman80
Expo Information Booth01/18/20209:30 AM1:30 PMAustin American Statesman42
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/18/20209:30 AM1:30 PMAustin American Statesman246
Packet Pickup Floater01/18/20209:30 AM1:30 PMAustin American Statesman82
Packet Pickup: Shirts/Goodie Bags01/18/20209:30 AM1:30 PMAustin American Statesman249
Packet Pickup: Computer Check-In01/18/20201:00 PM5:30 PMAustin American Statesman248
Packet Pickup Floater01/18/20201:00 PM5:30 PMAustin American Statesman80
Packet Pickup: Shirts/Goodie Bags01/18/20201:00 PM5:30 PMAustin American Statesman188
Finish Area Setup01/18/20209:00 AM12:00 PMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 100
Aid Station #101/19/20205:30 AM9:00 AM10622 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78758301
Awards Tent01/19/20208:00 AM11:00 AMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 60
Bus Coordination 01/19/20208:30 AM12:30 PMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 100
Finish Line - Food01/19/20207:30 AM11:30 AMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 164
Finish Line - Crowd Control01/19/20207:30 AM11:30 AMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 180
Finish Area Breakdown01/19/202011:30 AM2:00 PMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 201
Finish Line - Medals01/19/20207:30 AM11:30 AMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 1614
Finish Line - Water Distribution01/19/20207:30 AM11:30 AMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 181
Runner Gear Check01/19/20205:30 AM8:30 AMRegal Cinemas Gateway307
Finish Line Floater01/19/20208:30 AM12:00 PMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 120
Runner Gear Pickup01/19/20208:30 AM11:30 AMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 300
Start Area Breakdown01/19/20207:00 AM10:00 AMRegal Cinemas Gateway100
Start Information Booth01/19/20205:00 AM7:30 AMRegal Cinemas Gateway61
Packet Pickup Prep01/17/202010:00 AM2:00 PMAustin American Statesman103
Finish Line Information Booth01/19/20208:00 AM12:00 PMSan Jacinto at 14th St. 60
Food Bag Prep01/11/20209:00 AM1:00 PMHigh Five Events Office3010

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