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2019 CapTex Tri Volunteers

Monday, May 27, 2019
Austin, TX
Volunteer Details

We couldn’t produce the premier Texas triathlon without the help of our many, dedicated volunteers. If you’d like to be a part of this Memorial Day tradition, please consider joining our event crew. Help is needed before, during and after the race in a variety of positions. Experience the excitement of race day and support athletes by providing encouragement, a safe course and a fun event.



The least we can do for each volunteer is to give back a little something for you! All Life Time Tri CapTex volunteers will receive:

  • A commemorative volunteer T-shirt celebrating this year’s event
  • Complimentary food and beverage
  • Complete community service hours
  • Meet a new friend or business contact
  • Create new interests or hobbies
  • And, of course, the good feeling one gets when helping a worthy cause
2019 Life Time Tri CapTex

Position NameDateStartEndNeededFilled 
Bike Rack Labels 05/25/20199:00 AM12:00 PM100
Packet Stuffing05/25/201910:00 AM2:00 PM204
Site Set-Up05/26/20199:00 AM12:00 PM100
Packet Pickup (Shift 1)05/26/20199:30 AM2:00 PM355
Bike Check-In (Shift 1)05/26/201910:15 AM2:30 PM120
Bike Check-In (Shift 2)05/26/20192:15 PM6:45 PM120
Info Booth/Expo Bike Valet (Shift 1)05/26/20199:45 AM2:00 PM50
Info Booth/Expo Bike Valet (Shift 2)05/26/20191:45 PM6:15 PM50
Transition (Shift 1)05/27/20195:15 AM9:30 AM200
Transition (Shift 2)05/27/20199:15 AM1:30 PM100
Bike Course Pointers05/27/20196:30 AM11:45 AM120
Bike Mount/Dismount05/27/20196:30 AM11:30 AM200
Bike Check Out05/27/201911:00 AM2:00 PM150
Body Marking / Swim Start05/27/20195:15 AM8:30 AM160
Swim Exit05/27/20196:15 AM10:30 AM162
Run Course Pointers (Shift 1)05/27/20197:15 AM11:00 AM160
Run Course Pointers (Shift 2)05/27/201910:00 AM1:00 PM120
Aid Station #305/27/20197:00 AM1:00 PM200
Finish Line Shift #105/27/20197:00 AM9:30 AM50
Finish Line Shift #205/27/20199:00 AM12:30 PM150
Athlete Food Distribution 05/27/20198:30 AM1:00 PM200
Breakdown05/27/201912:00 PM3:00 PM200
Any Shift on Race Day (Shift 1)05/27/20196:30 AM10:30 AM100
Any Shift on Race Day (Shift 2)05/27/201910:15 AM2:30 PM100
Exhibitor Check-In 05/25/201911:45 AM2:30 PM20
Exhibitor Check-In 05/25/20192:15 PM5:15 PM20
Exhibitor Check-In 05/26/20197:15 AM9:30 AM20

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