2018 Texas Tri Series
2018 Texas Tri Series A Full Season of Fun
Austin, TX
September 30

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Texas Tri Series
Sep 30, 2018

Registration Closed 09/30/2018
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Want to have fun and meet awesome new people? Then the Texas Tri Series is for you!

The Texas Tri series is a series of 4 triathlon events that take place in and around the Austin area. The races range from a super sprint to half distance. There are many ways to participate and it is a great event to do along with family, friends, and even your kids.

The Texas Tri Series is composed of 4 events:

  • The Rookie Triathlon
  • Life Time Cap Tex Tri
  • Jack's Generic Triathlon
  • Kerrville Triathlon Festival

To participate in the Texas Tri Series you must participate or volunteer at all 4 events.

In addition to all the awesome goodies you get at each race in the series, you will get some awesome rewards for completing the series. Each series finisher will receive a 2018 Texas Tri Series Finisher Medal PLUS a finisher item!

Texas Tri Series participants must register for each race individually. Participants that wish to use volunteering towards completing the series must register through the event website prior to the event.

Participants are encouraged to obtain an annual USAT license and enter it with their event registrations to ensure they are tracked correctly. Please use the same First Name, Last Name and Email address when registering for each event.


 Tri Series Events


    May 6, 2018


   May 28, 2018


     Aug 26, 2018


  Sept 29-30, 2018

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